Research in progress

Working papers

• Geraci, A., *Nardotto, M., Reggiani, T., Sabatini, F. (2020). Broadband Internet and social capital. R&R Journal of Public Economics (3rd round).
Media coverage: IZA Newsroom, LSE Business Review, GQ Italia, Gli Stati Generali.

Fišar, M., Reggiani, T., Sabatini, F., Špalek, J. (2020).
Media Bias and Tax Compliance: Experimental Evidence. IZA Discussion Paper No. 12938. Submitted.
Media coverage: IZA Newsroom.

• Fantazzini, D., Nicolini, M., Sabatini, F. (2020). Hidden attraction to radical Islam and terrorist attacks. Under revision.

• Fazio, A., Reggiani, T., Sabatini, F. (2020). The political cost of lockdown’s enforcement. Submitted.

• Argentiero, A., Cerqueti, R., *Sabatini, F. (2019). Does social capital explain the Solow residual? A DSGE approach. R&R Structural Change and Economic Dynamics (4th round).

Ongoing projects

• Did the COVID-19 crisis inflame populism and conspiracy theories? (Abstract)

• Non pharmaceutical interventions and the demand for masks.

• Science vs. politics in times of pandemic: Evolutionary perspective and experimental evidence. With Angelo Antoci, Valentina Rotondi, Pier Luigi Sacco and Mauro Sodini.

• Covid-19 vs. the economy: A predator-prey perspective. With Roy Cerqueti, Fabio Tramontana and Marco Ventura.

• The impact of the 1968 flu pandemic on redistributive preferences. With Andrea Fazio.

• Loss aversion and preferences for redistribution. With Andrea Fazio and Tommaso Reggiani.

• Broadband Internet and religion. With Andrea Geraci, Mattia Nardotto and Tommaso Reggiani.

• Adverse shocks and voting behavior. With Giovanni Gualtieri, Marcella Nicolini and Marco Ventura.

• The signalling motivation of donation behavior. With Tommaso Reggiani and Matteo Rizzolli.

Published papers here.