Progetti in corso

• The economic and behavioral outcomes of earthquakes. With Giovanni Gualtieri (CNR) and Marcella Nicolini (University of Pavia).

• The socio-economic determinants of terrorism. With Dean Fantazzini (Moscow State University) and Marcella Nicolini (University of Pavia).

• Broadband Internet, social capital and religion: evidence from the UK. With Andrea Geraci (University of Oxford) Mattia Nardotto (KU Leuven) and Tommaso Reggiani (Masaryk University).

• Civic capital and judicial efficiency. With Arsen Palestini (Sapienza University of Rome) and Mauro Rota (Sapienza University of Rome).

• A field experiment on the role of signalling motivation in donation behavior. With Tommaso Reggiani (Masaryk University) and Matteo Rizzolli (LUMSA University). Abstract.